Sinaca Studios - School of Glass and Gallery
Jan 15, 2019
Tina Athans
Sinaca Studios - School of Glass and Gallery

Tina joined the Navy in 1982 and retired in 2005.  Starting out as an enlisted Air Traffic Controller and promoting through the ranks, completing her service, as a Lieutenant Commander, overseeing a Mine Warfare School in Ingleside. After her naval retirement in Corpus, she found herself as the Director of Stadium Operations for the Corpus Christi Hooks (double A affiliate of the Houston Astros). She managed the stadium for 9 seasons. Working for Nolan Ryan and his sons was a dream come true.

Tina is the current Board of Directors President for Sinaca Studios, School Of Glass and Gallery. SiNaCa Studios was founded by five local glass artisits in 2007. The organization's initial focus was threefold. First, bringing the glass art community together to hold exhibitions, promote glass as an artistic medium, and generate funds toward founding a school. Secong, use the funds raised to open a facility deisgned to impact the community through glass arts. Third, leverage the new facility to provide accessible, educaitonal, and affordale experiences for the general public, as well as teach courses to share the traditions and technigies of all disciplines of studio glass,

Since first opening their doors in January 2011, over 7,000 diverse people have participated in classes, and over 30,000 have visited their studios. Their free monthly "Open Studios" event alone has drawn over 15,000 visitors through the facility to view demonstrations, interact with performing artists, and browse the onite gallery. 

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